Giggs for United, United for Giggs

Looking ahead to the weekend match against Sunderland, Man U obviously needs to take 3 points to keep alive any hope of making Europa.  Though people may give the competition a poor name for being the second tier trophy, I feel that it is vital for whoever is the manager next year to have the opportunity to try some tactics in Europe.  It is also important for the players to manage the effects of midweek football and the travel it entails.

However, the bigger question in the United camp is who will be their manager next year.  There are many suitors, as you can find on any Man U blog. Probably every blogger can argue persuasively for their selection. I mean, is there really a major drop off between van Gaal and Guardiola?  One of them might be slightly better for United than the other, but really either has a good chance of bringing success back to Old Trafford.  That said, I personally believe the best option is to name Ryan Giggs the full-time manager.

After the match against Norwich it is easy to suggest that United should have won bigger and that Giggs really had nothing to do with it.  However, the 4-0 score line was their best result in the BPL.  Their only other clean sheet with more than 2 goals was 0-3 at Aston Villa.  Other than that they only had two 3-goal winning margins (at Swansea and hosting Aston Villa, both 4-1).  So to say it was a given that United would win 4-0 is just not realistic, particularly when facing a team that desperately needed points to avoid relegation.

But aside from the result, what stood out to me about Giggs’ management style this weekend was that he took a side that was lucky to be up 1-0 in the first half and brought out a side that dominated the second half.  His substitutions accounted for 2 of the second half goals (Mata twice) and actually Chicharito should have added a 5th at the end of the match.

Now people will say that Giggs doesn’t have enough experience as a manager to be the boss at United. Perhaps that is a good thing.  All Giggs really knows of managing is through Sir Alex for the last 22 years, plus most of this season with David Moyes.  He had years of managing experience and clearly failed to reach the United players. Perhaps Giggs will simply model his own style on Sir Alex, which would be the best situation possible in my opinion. Back-up goalie Lindergard was quoted as saying Giggs was inspiring with his team talk and everyone listened to him.  That sounds like what I want to hear about the manager.

All of this argument is moot if United do not win their remaining games, but if they run the table and the players look energized and empowered by Giggs (I know, a couple of ifs), the Glazers should give him an opportunity next season.  He would be cheap to hire (important to the Glazers), would be loved by the fans and knows how to play and win at Old Trafford, which United has failed to do this season. Giggs would certainly have a chance to reestablish Old Trafford as a fortress.

Old Trafford Disciple