History of Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Catherine Rooney’s History

Opening in Wilmington, Delaware in November of 2002, the McCoy Family named Catherine Rooney’s after their mothers & grandmothers, Catherine McCoy and Gerry Rooney-Hudecheck; two wonderful Irish women who never had a bad word to say and who went out of their way to make visitors to their homes feel special and welcome. We carry on the spirit of these two women at Catherine Rooney’s. We want you to feel as though you are part of our family because you are & that’s the Irish way.

One famous aspect of any Irish Pub is that it is the center of lively conversation. The Irish have the art of conversing down to a science. You’ll notice that Catherine Rooney’s is designed to facilitate this wonderful art called conversation. The tables are arranged just a little differently from the traditional restaurant set-up to allow a hearty, robust discussion. You’ll also notice that a number of tables resemble ones that you would find in any kitchen or dining room. We did this because ninety percent of Irish life and discussion takes place around the kitchen or dining room table. Televisions are kept to a minimum because the people at your table are much more interesting than any television show or personality. The music enhances conversation rather than disrupting it. You will never be rushed at Catherine Rooney’s because good discussion takes time. Sit back, relax, enjoy the Irish atmosphere, and really get to know the person or people across from you.

Stop next door & visit our craft beer Trolley Tap House location or ring the bell on W. 16th to enter C.R. Hummingbird to Mars speakeasy room located above Catherine Rooney’s. We are proud to offer you 3 unique experiences within 1 location in the heart of Trolley Square, Wilmington Delaware.